Click Here for a google pin to first tee.

The target for hole 4 is now the tree that the old post was in front of. Hole 9 is now a par 5 with a new target about 75′ to left of old one. 13′s tee box is to the right of 12′s target, near the rasta guys (where it was 2 years ago). See below for details.

Unless otherwise specified, all young trees with a square “webbing” around them are OB (inside the webbing).

All fenced off areas are OB unless otherwise specified.

NOTE: All “next tee” info is given from the perspective that you are facing the target you just played to, with the last tee (or alley of approach) behind you.

FIRST TEE is by the “Audubon Center Boathouse”, on the east side of the park, more or less just south of center. Go to the water side of the boathouse and walk on to the wooden ‘dock’. The forward most part of the platform  is a smaller rectangle surrounded by low chains. Go into this rectangle and face to the right. This is the tee (Marked only by a small orange dot out of respect for the boathouse). You should see the target tree across the near side of the water (partly obscured by a bush).

Hole 1 plays just over the near right bit of water to a skinny tree in the center of the first little hill. The TARGET tree is marked with an orange dot. If BASKET place just in front and a little to right of target tree. Water is OB.  ADVANCED:  LONG TEE FROM BRIDGE (marked on bridge with a dot).

2ND TEE: Walk back right on the path about 75 feet until you get to the  corner of the boathouse (where the flagpole is), turn left and cut through the bushes (small skinny short dirt path (do not follow the small cement path)) to the small clearing that runs parallel to the front of the boathouse . The tee is at top of slope, a little to the right marked by two orange bricks. NOTE: it is possible these bricks will be removed by those who don’t know… please tee off from here anyway and inform us if you can’t find them!

Hole 2 plays along this natural fairway in the direction of the big knarled tree (please treat with respect). The TARGET is a metal pole used to support small tree webbing (NOT OB), back and left of the huge tree. The pole is painted orange. Please be mindful of any pedestrians on the right path. If BASKET place short and left of target, in the middle of the “green”. Over the fence on the left is OB. In the circle enclosed by bars surrounding the tree to the right of the target is OB. ADVANCED: the path on the right and beyond is OB.



3RD TEE is down the hill, on the tip of the central grass “triangle” between the house, the gnarled tree, the bridge, and the tunnel. Marked by orange dots on the cement, on the tunnel “point” of the triangle.


Hole 3 is a MANDATORY through the tunnel (please do not throw over it, there is a road there and someone might be on it) and turns right out of the tunnel to the TARGET, which is a black lamp post marked with an orange dot. If BASKET place on the grass just on other side of tunnel so it’s visible from tee (It just looks so damn cool there). ADVANCED: inside the tunnel is OB

4TH TEE. turn right and take the path that goes up the hill. About 75 feet up there is a skinny dirt path leading up the hill to the right (orange arrow). At time of this writing there is a bent, broken tree laying across the small path. Take this dirt path through the trees to the road above. The 4th hole has a long and short tee for advanced or beginners. When you exit the dirt path the long tee is marked on the blacktop “sidewalk” a few feet to your left with orange dots. The short tee is up ahead about 75 feet along the path.

Hole 4, par 4, plays up through the grass area with 3 large trees, and a few freshly planted pines. All CEMENT IS OB ON THIS HOLE, the TARGET is on the second, much smaller, triangular “grass island”, It is the bent over evergreen tree, located at the center of the island green. If BASKET (this hole really should have a basket) place just to right of target on island.

5TH TEE is just to your left about 20 feet away marked on the cement area with orange dots.

Hole 5 plays diagonally across the road to the TARGET yellow police call box. Only the box counts, not the pole it is on. Skip shots count on this hole. The fence behind and to the right of basket is OB. If BASKET place on grass to right of call box. ADVANCED: everything left of the road is OB, including the sidewalk (not the road itself)

6TH tee is about 400′ further down the road, on right side after crossing the wide bridge. As road bends left after bridge there is a walking path that goes to right, with a triangular grass area. The tee is on right side of triangle, marked by orange dots, on the small broken cement connector path to the right of road, just in front of the park map.

Hole 6 plays up the small grass hill, and bends to left. The TARGET is a tree at back of “fairway”, marked with an orange dot, and not visible from tee. If BASKET, place in the small grass triangle in front of target. Fenced in area is OB.  ADVANCED: road is also OB

7TH TEE: Go down steps to road and turn right. Walk about 150 feet until clearing on your left is visible. Tee is marked on cement patch near left curb with orange dots.

Hole 7, par 4, plays all the way down length of field, past the huge tree. Beyond and to the right of the huge tree is a small landing area leading to the water. Right in front of the water line there is the TARGET tree, also big, with an orange dot. Watch those wet approach shots! If BASKET place just in front of tree, or as close to water as you dare. ADVANCED: mando to left of huge tree.

8TH TEE  is right there, to left of target tree, marked by orange colored root at base of tree.

Hole 8 plays back out and directly across short end of field (to right of huge tree) to a guarded TARGET tree (orange dot) just before cement walking path. The target is tough to see from tee. If BASKET place just to right of target tree. ADVANCED: path behind target and beyond is OB.

9TH TEE: Turn right on the path about 50 feet to corner of field. Tee is on the path marked with orange dots just before path goes into trees.

Hole 9, Par 5, plays diagonally across the field and into the trees towards where the road curves. The TARGET (with orange dot) is a red pole to the left of the walking path, located on a little hidden peninsula that juts toward the lake. The target is tough to see until you are on the green… it is hidden behind the second large group of reeds along the water. If BASKET place left of target, on the narrow peninsula towards lake. ADVANCED: This is a par 4.

10TH TEE is back up the road and up the steps on the left to where hole 6′s target is. The tee is on the broken cement path (to the right of 6′s target) that is furthest away from you as you come up the steps. Marked with orange dots.

Hole 10 is basically the reverse of hole 6. Plays down the hill to the grass triangle between the road and the blacktop walking path. The TARGET is the faded 3 sided park sign on the edge of the trees, at the back of the triangle (next to 6′s tee). Only the sign counts, not the metal ‘legs’. The fenced off circle of trees to the right of the tee is OB. If BASKET place in the middle of the triangle. ADVANCED: Road AND blacktop path are OB (not broken path that sign is on).

11TH TEE is to your left and a little behind you, on the blacktop path.

Hole 11, Par 4, plays down the length of the narrow path, to a TARGET fire hydrant (orange dot) on the left of the path about 100′ after the gap widens. If BASKET place about 30′ left of target. ADVANCED: all fenced off areas in the trees are OB.

12TH TEE: Is just to the right of the fire hydrant, a few feet up from the left fork in the path.

Hole 12 is new from last year to avoid throwing directly at our Rasta friends who hang out in this part of the park (because they’re very cool… give them a respectful “hello”, and check out Bob’s knitted hats)! If you are standing on the 12th tee, facing the new target, the Rastas should be off to the right (if they are there).

Hole 12 plays slightly diagonally across the right path, to a small TARGET tree about 100′ to the right of the path, a little behind and to the left of the big tree there. Target is marked with an orange dot. ADVANCED: The path and left are OB

13TH TEE is to the right. walk about 100′. There is a tree with an orange dot at the base of it. Tee off from here. Sometimes there will be homeless rasta guys there. They are super cool.

Hole 13, Par 5, plays over the fire hydrant that was 11′s target, all the way out over the small ridge into the large sunken field … way out towards the high part of the road. As you get to the middle of the field with your 2nd or 3rd shot, the hole bends left with the trees, and the TARGET is the last smaller tree (orange dot) that is along the left side of the field. ADVANCED: Par 4

14TH TEE: Walk straight up the hill towards the road and turn left about 75 feet along the road. The tee is on a blacktop “driveway” type connector between the road and the path, marked with orange dots.

Hole 14, Par 4, plays parallel to the road (which is OB), down the hill towards the small brown pipe (this is not the target) at back left of field. Behind the pipe and past the first trees, is the TARGET which is a fire hydrant in a grass triangle, about 70 feet to the right of the road, marked with an orange dot. The road and left is OB. If BASKET place in grass in front of target. ADVANCED: all pavement is ob.

15TH TEE: Continue walking along path on your left about 150 feet to tee (a little bit past water fountain) marked with orange dots.

HOLE 15 PLAYS TOWARDS A BLIND SUNKEN SPOT BEHIND THE TARGET. IF YOU ARE VERY LONG THERE IS A CHANCE OF HITTING SOMEONE. Please if you have a big arm make sure coast is clear along entire length of path.

Hole 15 parallels the left side of the path to the TARGET, which is another brown pipe, about 75 feet left of the path as the path gets to the back treeline. Road is OB. If BASKET place right of target. ADVANCED: The path and everything right of it is OB.

16TH TEE is right there, between the pipe and the metal cap (marked with orange).

Hole 16, Par 4, plays down the hill, between the two trees, and bends out a bit towards the field. The TARGET is a large black box used for hot coals, located back into the trees a bit on the left, after getting to field. Path on left is OB. If BASKET place about 75 feet behind target. ADVANCED: Par 3

17TH TEE: Turn right about 45 degrees and cross the very corner of the grass to the cement path that is a little down hill from target. The tee is on the path, marked with orange dots.

Hole 17 plays back into the trees, slightly left of the previous black box target. TARGET is a tree (orange dot) along the left side of the trees and back about 150 feet once entering the trees.

18TH TEE is up in the pavilion to your right, top step, marked with orange dots

Hole 18 plays back to the same black box as hole 16.

Thank you for playing the Nethermead Redux Course!!!