In general the “RED” Nethermead course is designed for the intermediate level player (around 850 rating), and the “BLUE” course is for more advanced (about 900), but beginners will find it very playable, and the advanced players have fun and be challenged. The course starts and ends with shorter holes, and has some longer par 4s and 5s in the middle. In the Hole walkthrough there are “ADVANCED” (blue) rules for each hole, which are merely recommendations on how to make each hole a little harder if the players so choose (o.b.’s, mandos, alternate tees, etc.), or possibly can serve as a handicap if a stronger player is playing with a weaker player.

The Nethermead Redux course is in the same part of the park as the original Prospect Park course designed in 2001. MUCH THANKS to Dave “Mel” Meltzer and Big Dave Grossman for designing the original course (yay crawfish!).

The Redux course has some of the original holes from the 2001 design (6,7,10,11), but has been redesigned quite a bit, partly due to park changes and natural growth. Some holes have been combined, and others tweaked. Most are completely new.


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