New Prospects-READ ME!

Some things you should know about the course…


-The first time you play it is HIGHLY recommended to bring a course map AND hole walkthrough. With both of these you should have no trouble finding your way through the course.

-PP course is a marked object course, though we encourage you to bring your own travel basket if you have one (we recommend the Innova travel basket– weighs only 12 lbs). Course description will tell the object for each hole, as well as recommended basket placements for the true course experience.

Please be courteous to others and allow them the right of way. When playing this course please be good ambassadors to the sport. There is no signage, and almost all pedestrians do not know what disc golf is, let alone that there is an unofficial course here. This will allow us all to continue playing here with no interference from park personnel.

-PP course is seasonal, playable mostly from late fall to early spring. This is due to the high pedestrian traffic on warm sunny days. Basically it has to be cold or drizzly enough to keep people moving. Low 40′s (or colder) and overcast is a perfect PP day! You will pretty much have the park to yourself. Don’t think of trying to play this course in the summer or on any nice weekend day. You will be VERY disappointed. The nethermead course experiences low traffic, but off hours or rougher weather are still recommended. Chilly or grey weekdays before 3pm are perfect. Weekend play is recommended with earlier starts and colder days.

-NEVER throw a disc if there is a chance of hitting someone! We all have very bad shots sometimes. Remember that griplock happens to the best of us, and trees or limbs could be hit and throw a disc WAY off course. If there are people around the range of a throw, either go talk to them politely, or send someone to “protect” them (stand a few feet away with a disc in your hand to swat away an errant throw), or at the very least, make sure that they are watching you and you have their FULL attention.

-!!!!NEVER EVER EVER THROW A DISC WHEN THERE IS A BABY CARRIAGE OR CHILD WITHIN RANGE! Either chill and wait, or skip the hole and come back. It is just not worth it. Please realize that you do not need to hit a child with a disc (which is a problem beyond words) to have a problem. Launching or landing a projectile anywhere near a small child is enough to piss off a parent and all it takes is one or two complaints to the park and WE WILL NOT BE WELCOME THERE.

-Please demonstrate excellent judgment in these matters and we can all continue to enjoy these courses for a long time to come.