It’s time for disc!

Updated 4-25-17

WELCOME TO PROSPECT PARK DISC GOLF! … it’s like a winter beer, or… fruit.

When it’s in season, IT’S SWEEEEEEET!

Playing the course is not recommended now. The weather is nice and there are too many pedestrians. Come back in the fall for sweet Prospect Park Disc!

The advanced mando for hole 16 is gone this year (sniff).

First time to the course? CLICK HERE for necessary information.

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See walkthrough and photos for course updates.

Warning!!! The Prospect course is a seasonal, object course in a public park. You must be cautious of other pedestrians in the park. Always check blind corners and never throw as to endanger anyone! You should be flexible to occasionally skip holes or play safari to adjust for pedestrians.

But really, it’s not that bad, and during winter you will most likely have the park to yourself. Now go play disc golf!

Eternal thanks to Dave “Mel” Meltzer and David Grossman for starting it all!

Please check out our friends at WeDGE! click here.

Thank you and have a blast playing disc!